Designing Components with the C++ STL

by Ulrich Breymann, Addison Wesley Longman 2000, revised edition ISBN 0-201-67488-2
(bigger cover picture). There is also a German (ISBN 3-8273-1474-7) and a Japanese edition (ISBN 4-7561-3422-6, click here for cover picture).
In June 1998, the Programming Language C++  International Standard (ISO/IEC 14882 ) was approved which gave the reason for the revised edition. The most important difference is the use of iterator-traits-classes which require partial template specialization.

You can download the updated examples here. Please consult the readme-files.

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No Updates
In the meantime the STL isn't longer a library of its own, because it was integrated into the C++ Standard library and is now part of it. This book "Designing Components with the C++ STL" will not be updated. New developments of the coming C++ Standard will be dealt with in my german book Der C++ Programmierer (and on a lot of english web-sites).

Downloading the book may still be interesting for people who want to know how to use the STL and how it works internally.